*Kanye West’s stepmom has accused his father of going all Ike Turner on her, RadarOnline reports. And the rapper’s stepsister blames him for his dad’s violent behavior.

In divorce documents obtained by Radar, Cheryl West claimed Raymond West slapped her around, whipped her with a belt and committed bigamy.

“Once he beat me with a belt,” she added.

“On another occasion, he attacked me and tried to physically remove the wedding ring from my finger.”

Cheryl also claimed Raymond threatened to kill her.

According to the report, “the couple tied the knot in Maryland on Valentine’s Day in 1998, but filed for divorce multiple times, with the divorce finalized just nine months ago.”

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kanye west

Court docs reveal that Cheryl also accused Raymond of marrying his current wife Brenda Bentley before being officially divorced from her.

“His actions continue to show a lack of character, a reckless disregard for the court and gross disrespect for the law,” Cheryl added.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s stepsister blames his fame for prompting Raymond to wild out and walk out on her mother.

“He’s Kanye West’s dad. And it just seems to me that when the fame arrived, he disappeared,” blasted Shaleim Henry.

In related news, rumor has it that Yeezy wants to compete against JAY Z,  who reportedly already owns just about anything of value that West has or will have. Kanye wants to directly compete against Jay’s TIDAL by launching his own streaming service called “Yeezy Sound.” If he’s successful, expect a legal battle between the two.