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Wendy Williams seen exiting husband (Kevin Hunter)’s $220,000 red Bentley SUV. The day before, Hunter, picked up his alleged side piece in same car.

*Folks are straight up wondering what is going on with Wendy Williams? Why is she still putting up with her husband spending time with another woman?

Is this déjà vu all over again? It certainly seems like it. We say that because her husband, Keven Hunter, was spotted – once again by the DailyMail – picking up Sharina Hudson from an office building in Manhattan after a workout in the city before driving back to New Jersey together on Monday afternoon.

Check this out. On Tuesday, Hunter dropped off Wendy at her TV studio in the same red Bentley that Hudson was observed in the day before. Wow.

As we reported earlier, two have allegedly been in a 10-year long affair with Hunter, 45, moving Hudson, 32, into a $765,000 home in New Jersey. She also wears a large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger.

Williams, 53, declared that she was ‘standing by her guy’ soon after DailyMailTV revealed the affair in September, but it is unclear if the TV host knows that her husband of 20 years is still seeing Sharina Hudson.

Here’s what else the Daily Mail is reporting:

Hunter was seen driving around in his luxury red Bentley SUV, which begins in price at around $220,000, in lower Manhattan before heading to the gym for an afternoon workout session.

The father-of-one then drove uptown where he was seen picking up Hudson from an office building in midtown Manhattan.

Hudson was wearing athletic gear including black leggings and her favorite Nike slides, as she clutched her phone and climbed into the expensive car with Hunter.

The two then made their way together to New Jersey, though it was unclear if they continued on to the $765,000 home they share there.


kevin hunter & wendy williams

So you might be wondering how all this is affecting Wendy. Well, a source told the Daily Mail, the TV host hasn’t been the same since the rumor broke in September.

‘She’s not the same bubbly person that she typically is. She looks very sad and is extremely subdued. It’s been painful to watch,’ the source said.

As far as Hunter is concerned, he doesn’t have the best reputation among sources allegedly connected to Wendy.

“Kevin is not an easy guy to be around or work with. Everyone from the most junior production staffer to the executives at Debmar want to deal only with Wendy. No one wants Kevin anywhere near the show or Wendy. Wendy needs to realize that she doesn’t need Kevin and that it is Kevin that needs her. She would be much better off with him gone from her life entirely,” according to an insider.

“What nobody can understand is why Wendy doesn’t boot him to the curb. She doesn’t need him. He does nothing for her but drag her down. This show would be a much better place if he never came back to the studio. I mean he bought this woman a house, his name is on her letterbox, when is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time on this marriage?” said another source.