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*In the light of recent events, Kevin Hart was found at the center of a controversial sex scandal – during the time that his wife Eniko was pregnant with their first child together.

The scandal revolved around a video that surfaced in September. Apparently, Kevin Hart had been cheating on his pregnant wife, while on his trip to Nevada, with a stripper named Montia Sabbag – the details were released later as the matter was investigated by the FBI.

As reported by TMZ:

6:39 PM PT — Sources who have seen the video tell TMZ there are several clips. The first appears to show a woman and Kevin in a club getting cozy. The tape then cuts to a bed, where you don’t see the people in the bed … but hear creaking and what could be people having sex. You never see Kevin in the 2nd clip. The 3rd clip shows 2 people milling around a room, one of them looks vaguely like Kevin.

We’re told the person allegedly extorting Kevin has demanded payment from him to avoid the tape’s release.


kevin hart cheating - eniko & momo

As abovementioned, in the video itself it was not easy to distinguish whether the man really was Kevin Hart or not due to the grainy quality of the video. But before anyone could jump to any conclusions, Hart took to his Instagram social media account to apologize publicly to his wife and children. He posted a video in which he said:

“I made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did, and doing that I know that I am going to hurt the people I’m closest to, whom I have talked to—my wife and my kids. At the end of the day, I just have to do better. But I am not going to allow a person to make financial gains over my mistakes.”

In addition to the video, the Get Hard star also wrote:

“Sending so many apologies to my wife and kids. I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be …I love you all.”

As alarming as it was to find Kevin Hart in the midst of cheating allegations all over again, his apology was sincere and truthful to his wife and two children, with the third one on the way. Eniko Parrish accepted the apology and went on with the baby shower that was planned for the 1st of October for Eniko and Kevin’s first child together.