*A vegan chef, author and motivational speaker who gained notoriety after he claimed he lost tons of weight by altering his diet was arrested for the Christmas Day murders of his estranged wife and their two children.

Milan Ross, 45, allegedly shot dead 38-year-old Iris Ross, Nigel, 11, and Anora, 10 months, on Monday.

Shockingly, Ross did the brazen act of posting a video on Facebook; where he was singing Santa Claus is coming to town with his son, Nigel. This is said to have been recorded only 90 minutes prior to the slaughter. Looking at the video (watch at EURThisNthat) you’re sure to think to yourself: “He must have snapped. Look at them. There is no way this man could’ve known he was going to kill this adorable young boy.”

Ross locked himself in at the location where the killings took place. Originally, police thought he lived elsewhere; but records show the location as his latest address.

Read more and watch the video report at EURThisNthat.