*Tea surrounding Omarosa Manigault’s sudden exit from the White House continues to spill, with TMZ adding that the former “Apprentice” star began thinking about walking back in August after the Charlottesville riots.

According to the website, Omarosa was against her boss’ handling of the white nationalist controversy and was particularly upset over his comment that there were “good people on both sides,” in effect putting neo-Nazis on equal moral ground as their protesters.

Sources in Omarosa’s camp also say she took issue with Donald Trump beefing with Rep. Frederica Wilson, and bungling his phone call to the African-American Gold Star widow.

Trump’s endorsement of alleged child predator Roy Moore, according to TMZ, was the last straw:

Now, people in Omarosa’s camp say she pulled the trigger on resigning Tuesday night. However, other White House sources tell us she was “fired” by Gen. John Kelly after she tried to get an audience with the Prez following Moore’s loss.

Even our Omarosa sources admit she had frequently bumped heads with Kelly. We’re told she talked to Trump every other day, and Kelly wasn’t happy she had so much access.