Tamar Braxton arrives at Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport

*Ever since Tamar Braxton filed divorce papers to get out of her marriage to him, it seems like things have been going downhill for Vincent “Vince” Herbert.

Now we’re hearing that Herbert, 45, was arrested in Los Angeles County on Christmas night and charged with a misdemeanor. His bail was set at $20,000 and he was released on the same day.

Reports say Tamar has a protection order against him and he allegedly contacted her (despite a judge’s order) which is most likely why he was arrested.

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As we previously reported, Evelyn Braxton, Tamar’s mother, alleged that Vincent was physically abusive and that she’s witnessed it.

Of course Herbert is denying the accusation.


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Hold up. Wait a minute. There’s even MORE tea to sip!

Tamar took to IG early Saturday to say a woman told her that she is having a baby and that Vincent is the baby daddy.

So far Herbert has not commented on Braxton’s Instagram post that she deleted after several hours.

“Vincent Herbert is having a baby,” Braxton wrote, adding that a woman “decided to let me know about it tonight!!”

The singer and reality star said the woman “should check public records on Christmas” and that Herbert “called back” despite a “protection order,” “begging and lying.”

“Smh happy new year folks!! Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH start and if i can leave this liar u can leave yours too,” Braxton continued.

tamar instagram about vince knocking up side piece
tamar instagram about vince knocking up side piece1

Tamar also posted on her Instagram Stories a video of her sipping tea while listening to Beyoncé’s song “Irreplaceable,” which is about a scorned woman, and clarified in another video that her post was “not for Vincent Herbert.”

“I still love Vincent Herbert, he’s my best friend, my son’s father,” she said. “I will always love him, and what will be, will be.”

She then showcased a black and white baseball cap she was wearing, which bears the words, “You tried it!”