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*What’s the easiest way to win big? Some would say travel to Las Vegas and gamble all your money on BLACK! Well, coming to the Fox network on January 2nd is a new comedy about everyday people trying to win big in life.

LA to Vegas” is the new TV comedy series that focuses on the flight crew and passengers of “Jackpot Airlines” which travels from Southern California to the one and only Las Vegas, Nevada every weekend. The flight crew attends to their passengers every need all while trying to figure out their own lives.

Jackpot Airlines is flown by Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) who will ensure the flight will arrive safely at its destination….on auto pilot! The captain chooses to fly on autopilot so he can mingle, hit on, and become best friends with his passengers. Safe to say Dave isn’t your typical captain.

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The flight crew also includes Co-pilot Alan portrayed by Amie Talai, Stewardess Ronnie portrayed by Kim Matula, and flight attendant Bernard portrayed by Nathan Lee Graham. Passenger Artem portrayed by Peter Stormare is sure to give you an experience you can relate too while flying.

Fox set up a historic promotion in December 2017 for 50+ guests including myself to experience Jackpot Airlines for ourselves. Our day began at a meet up location next to LAX airport where we boarded a bus that transported us to a hangar where Jackpot Airlines was stationed. As a group we boarded the flight to Las Vegas and became the first group to ever watch a screening of a TV comedy series 30,000 ft in the air. After arriving in Las Vegas we partied and gambled at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino with the cast of the show for a few hours. Thanks to a complimentary $25 dollars to gamble I was able to bet and win some more at the blackjack tables. The traveling group and I took our winnings and got back on Jackpot Airlines and arrived back in LAX before our bedtimes.

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“LA to Vegas” is set to premiere on the Fox network on January 2, 2018.