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Here’s the deal: Khia and TS Madison have now come forward with new details regarding why they were almost put out of the Xscape headlined concert in the ATL recently. And at the center of the mess is T.I.

Khia and Madison say they were invited to the show by Tamar Braxton, who had asked Khia to perform her hit “My Neck, My Back.” Khia and Tamar both took to social media after the incident:

khia & tamar tweets

As far as what happened backstage, Khia and TS Madison allege that T.I. was one of the major reasons they were not allowed on stage with Tamar. They go as far to claim that T.I. went into Tamar’s dressing room and cursed her out over the situation.

Khia says:

Tiny the best thing you could ever did was divorce T.I. cause he ain’t nothing but a b*tch a** n*gga. I was staring him down and he didn’t turn his head or neck and address us.

Khia added:

He walked by two real b*tches, went into Tamar’s dressing room and roasted her, her mother and her grandmother. Tip, how you gonna go in there and cuss out Tamar, her mother, grandmother and her sisters? Tip why didn’t you say anything to us? […] Him and Mona Scott (Young) ain’t look our way? T.I. wanted us thrown out, Tiny wanted us thrown out, they lied and said we had weapons.”

So far, neither Xscape or Tamar have responsed to requests for comments.

source: theJasmineBrand