hawaii missile alert
*So how would you freak out if you got a tweet from official sources that a ballistic missile had been fired and was targeted to strike the city you’re in. Don’t lie and say you wouldn’t freak out ’cause you would … at least at first. 🙂

In any event, while you ponder that possibility, be aware that it actually did happen. Earlier today in Hawaii – and with the real possibility of a nuclear attack from North Korea hanging in the air – it scared the living crap out residents of the island state where the alert happened. Or should we say FALSE alert.

Read the FULL story (below) and/or WATCH the CNN video report …

Hawaiians received alerts of a “ballistic missile threat” on Saturday that were swiftly deemed false, triggering criticism of the state’s emergency alert system. Shortly after 8 a.m. local time in the U.S.