*He’s “Taken” down international sex traffickers … And now our favorite hero is taking over a New York train in, “The Commuter.”

On January 12, Liam Neeson, takes us on another action ride but first the leading man and cast sat down with your’s truly, Fahnia Thomas, and confessed what they say to chatty commuters.

‘The Commuter’

EUR: When you’re on a long commute, how do you handle chatty passengers?

Liam Neeson: Sometimes you have to say it – especially if it’s a five or six hour flight. If they start talking about movies – I’m very sweet and I’ll say, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m tired and it’s the last thing I want to talk about have a good flight.’ [Pulls eye shades on and starts snoring] But people are usually courteous.

Patrick Wilson: It’s like when you meet a comedian and you assume they’re going to be (funny) and like ‘hey, how’s it going!’ And make you laugh…but I’m a little shy. I’m not super chatty on a plane but you always have to be kind. Usually, if they’ve asked a couple of questions and you haven’t asked one in return…hopefully they get the point.

Patrick Wilson from ‘The Commuter’

Jaume Collet-Serra: I’m very dry so the moment I answer something I think they know. I’ll put my headphones on but people don’t want to talk to me anyway, they just see me and are like, ‘I got the weird guy!’

Liam Neeson & Jaume Collet-Serra on the set of ‘The Commuter’

EUR: This is the fourth film you and Jaume Collet-Serra have work on together, how do you guys keep your working relationship fresh or enticing?

Liam Neeson: God forbid I would feel complacent…I’ve never felt that with Jaume (director) And if I did he would be the first person to pick me up and say, ‘you’re losing concentration or your pace has gotten slow we need this to be a quicker.’

EUR: Did Jaume have to say that during the filming of “The Commuter?”

Liam Neeson: Yah, sometimes. There are a lot of technicalities for him because we’re shooting on one carriage in a studio that is supposed to be seven carriages of a train going 90 miles an hour. So he has a lot of logistics to think of but he always comes back to what the scene is about.