*Here we go again with another crazy ass racist that swears that she isn’t racist because she … taught black and Latino student.

In this case, we have a woman who went on a racist rant at a Dollar Tree store in Lawrenceville, Georgia. On the video, you can see and hear her calling store clerk (yes, the clerk is black) all sort of racist names.

Local outlet WSB-TV first covered the viral video in a Thursday report, but for some reason they blurred her face in video. Come to find out it was because authorities hadn’t charged the woman – whose name is Pamela Sharma – with a crime.

Alise Fowler, the stor clerk, said the customer came to the store Wednesday, and left an item on the register because she wasn’t going to buy it. Fowler said she asked the woman to give it to her so she could return it. That’s when the customer “snapped,” Fowler said.

“She called me a ‘black bitch,’ a ‘black whore,’” said Fowler, who made a complaint to Gwinnett County police. “She told me to go back to Africa. She told me she would shoot me.”

As seen on video, she tells someone “You’re a black slave!”

Ahh, but the story didn’t end there. WSB-TV aired its report on Thursday, and the customer–Sharma–saw it. She reached out to the outlet for an on-camera interview.


Of course she denied being racist: she was raised in a Christian school, born into a “Hindu priest-class family,” the “peace-loving” Brahmin clergy who believe in Gandhism.

“If my life doesn’t matter to you, and my people died, who were represented with Gandhi, your live doesn’t matter to me either. Is that a racist comment?” Sharma asked rhetorically.

Sharma claimed she was the victim of racism, and that Fowler instigated the argument, which started before the recording. Sharma said store clerk Alise Fowler threatened to attack her.

“The clerk got agitated and snatched them and said, “You pieces of trash, why don’t you go back to your country,’” Sharma said.

In a video Sharma showed Washington, she said Fowler can be heard threatening her.

“She’s telling me she’s going to beat my a**,” Sharma said.

On Thursday, Washington spoke with Fowler, who denies any wrongdoing and said Dharma was the aggressor.

“She called me a black b****. A black whore,” Fowler said.

Sharma said she’s a highly educated, former high school teacher and could never be a racist.

“So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools,” Sharma said. “Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.”

Sharma said she would like to meet with Fowler.

“I want you to come with me and have a heart-to-heart,” Sharma said.

If we were Alice Fowler, the store clerk, we go within a hundred yards of Sharma. It’s obvious she ain’t right. Period. End of story.