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*Petty stunt queen Tamar Braxton had the not so bright idea to bring out Ts Madison and Khia from “The Queens Court” during the Xscape concert in Atlanta.

Tamar’s objective was to have the duo shade her nemesis Toya Wright.

Over the past few weeks, Ts and Khia have exchanged insults with Toya, who is close friends with Xscape member Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris.

According to Ts Madison, she and Khia were guests of Tamar and they had planned to hit the stage with the singer and “perform.” However, she says Xscape tried to get them kicked out by alleging they had weapons.

Tamar’s estranged husband (Vincent Herbert) intervened and stopped security from kicking them out. 

Ts hit up social media to clear up some rumors about what exactly went down:

TS Madison, Tamar Braxton, Khia backstage at Xscape Tour

“Well it was about to be an EPIC NIGHT being apart of my girl @tamarbraxton show tonite!! But seems like #TheQueensCourt gets under them other heauxs skin. FUCK THEM OTHER HOES!!! #tamarbraxton you are an AMAZING TALENTED BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING!! And you gone SOAR ON YOUR OWN!!! I loooooove you down!”

Ts added: “The Queens Court was a guest at Kmart show tonight the Xscape [email protected] told security we had weapons and an attempt to get us kicked out. Then we got dressed and waited to go on with Tamar.I am assuming the Xscape girls wanted us gone. And we didn’t leave so they continue to press down on Tamar so she could not do the performance with us. So Vince asked us if we wanted to stay and watch the show and we said no we were not here for them hoes, we were here for Tamar, and we left in our limousine that was taken care of by Vince and Tamar so the homosexual.”

TS Madison, Tamar Braxton, Khia backstage at Xscape Tour

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In the clip above, Liberian-born Fay Nelson — also known as Fay the Comedian— recounts conducting a social experiment involving her hitting the streets completely natural—no makeup, natural hair, in a t-shirt, versus going out glossed up — and how men (well, one in particular) react to her.

She basically confirms that your average male prefers fake-ass eye-candy.

As noted by The Root, “the clip is worth the six minutes—but suffice to say, for those of us who sometimes struggle with reconciling our public and private selves, it’s a welcome reminder that we should expect to be accepted just as we are.”